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One Day At A Time

Posted on December 6th, 2016.


“Take one day at a time and to never give up!”

Before coming to Providence House, Susan was pregnant and living in Baton Rouge. She lost her job at the airport and consequently her housing. Her extended family was unable to help her, so for months she moved from place to place and even slept in her car. Fortunately, Susan met a woman at her church who told her about Providence House and even drove her to Shreveport to find help. At the time of her arrival, there was no space available.

Susan had to stay at the Rescue Mission for 3 months. Her son, Daniel, was born while she was there. When he was two weeks old, Susan was able to enter the Providence House program.
For Susan, the hardest thing at Providence House was getting all of her children up and ready for the day on time.

While at Providence House, Susan said she finally felt stable. She says she has saved a lot of money, learned to ride the bus (which was something she did not want to do), and, most importantly, passed the math portion of the HiSet.

Susan’s case manager describes her as responsible and willing to work hard to make a better life for her family. She is also very responsible with her money! Susan’s advice to those who are still on their journey at Providence House is to “take one day at a time and to never give up!”

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