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Every religious-based non-profit strives to do good works: to feed the hungry, house the homeless, give hope to those without it. The Providence House and its volunteers and donors do good works and do them well! But what about the impact of those good works? Are lives really changed? ...made better? To answer that question: every Providence House program defines its goals and measures its success.

Below are some of the FY09 results of our efforts to improve the lives of homeless families and children. (Additional information on individual programs' operations and results is available in our annual report.)

  • In 2009, we celebrated  the achievements of 22 families (24 adults and 46 children) and one single woman who graduated from the Providence House program.   The success rate for these graduating families  was 100%.  We measure success ultimately by the number, frequency, and continued success rate of families graduating from the program.
  • Since 1993, 292 families (325 adults and 633 children) have graduated from the Providence House program. We are still in touch with 187 families, of which 190 are adults and 383 are children. Our success rate for these families is 85%.

The long-term economic impact of our work is in self-sufficient families who are no longer a burden on community resources; they become community builders and part of the solution to ending homelessness. Children of these families are far more likely to grow into productive members of our community by modeling what their parents have accomplished through the program.


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