An Unforgettable Story of Courage and Determination


The Moore's story is an unforgettable story of courage and determination. The Moore's had the courage to beat their drug addiction and the determination to get their family back together.

Jamie and Rick Moore know what it’s like to have their own home, but they also know what it’s like to lose everything. A few years ago, Jamie and Rick were arrested on drug charges, and they both had to spend time in jail. At the time, their daughters, Kaitlyn and Hunter, were only five and seven years old. Jamie was also pregnant with their third daughter, Gabby.

While Jamie and Rick served their time, Kaitlyn and Hunter were placed in foster care not fully understanding why they couldn't be with their parents. Jamie was released from jail just in time for Gabby's arrival, and she had no place to go. Jamie and Gabby came to Providence House, looking for a new start.

Not long after Jamie entered the Providence House program she was able to regain custody of Kaitlyn and Hunter and Rick was also able to join them here. The family is finally living together as one unit, and in their time here they have received a vehicle through the Providence House car donation program, they have begun to save money for a down payment on a home, and they have been able to receive the counseling they need to put their family back together.

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