Working Hard to Make a Change

Randy and Hillary Moore and their son, Caden, were forced to move out of their apartment when their rent increased. Hillary was in school, so they only had one income.  The family moved in with Hillary's step-father after her mother passed away.  They thought the move would be beneficial to everyone.  They could help their step-father, and he could help them.  Unfortunately, Randy and Hillary didn't realize that the living arrangement would become dangerous because of the step-father's substance abuse.  Randy and Hillary had nowhere else to turn.  They were preparing to live on the streets when they heard about Providence House. The family called, and they were able to enter the program.

Randy and Hilary are working hard to increase their education levels, so they never have to be in a situation where they can't support themselves.  Hilary received her GED from BPCC in December and has begun taking college courses.  Randy is working in the Providence House Working to Learn program, earning his GED and gaining valuable job skills.  The Moore family is looking forward to becoming independent and giving their son a healthy, happy life.


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